What’s on Offer?

Data is everywhere and more of our world is quantified or quantifiable than ever before. You probably realise you should be capitalising on your data with recent technological advances, but you may feel you lack the skills to do so – this is where I can help you. Your business will be set up with a live dashboard visualising your data, and together we will interpret initial insights proactively in the context of your industry.


Data Exploration: I’ll first take a look at your existing data to get ideas on the insights your data could surface. Then we’ll discuss your business drivers & select your software, before creating your bespoke visualisation dashboard in collaboration with you.

Technical Tutoring

Boost the data literacy of your internal team, so you are self-sufficient in taking your visualisations forward as your company grows and takes shape


If you’d like more tutorials or have new areas of the business to visualise, I’ll be happy to re-book you and we can skip the preliminary stages, since I’ll already know you & your business