About Me


Elizabeth Martin:  I bring a breadth of experience in applying insight to data for clients, using knowledge of how it’s done elsewhere to better tailor my work. To do so, I make use of a Masters in maths (hence all the golden ratio spiral pictures!) and a technical grounding in business and finance, combined with an ability to relate to people using jargon-free and incisive discussion. I am energised for each new project by my varied working lifestyle which involves a mix of skills and clients.

Previous roles include producing the World University rankings for the Times Higher Education for its first in-house analysis year, based on calibrated metrics from multiple data sources, and as an Associate doing financial modelling of a variety of asset classes at Deutsche Bank. More on these on my Linked-In profile.

Outside of work: I enjoy tutoring in my free time, having tutored over 30 school students & adults in maths / numerical tests or introductory finance / modelling / Excel skills, keen to boost technical confidence in others. I also make the most of my time to travel, do half marathons, Goodgym, tennis and aerobics. Occasionally these overlap with data or tutoring – so I write about them on my blog! Topics on data relating to sport, environment, finance, and others available here:

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