Why use AHfF?

AHeadForFigures is well-positioned to add value to small businesses in particular, since I charge only for my time (usually by the day – flexible), yet bring experience from applying these skills across sector verticals & across business functions. Other unique features:

  • Product neutral: Unlike many larger companies, I’m not affiliated to any one product – but I’ve used them all so I’m well-versed in making a bias-free recommendation on which best suits you, then creating it.
  • On-demand data skills: I offer you these skills (gained from working in large-scale companies) on-demand, if you don’t yet have in-house resource. Having worked across sectors I’ve likely already handled data from your sector, but still appreciate that every business is different.
  • You’ll be self-sufficient (if you want to be): this service is unique in including time for tutoring someone in your company on how to use the dashboard to adapt it for the future, as your business grows and changes shape. This is aimed at reducing future costs for you, but you can always come back to me if you do need more help.

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