Unlock value in your data: bring it to life

Interactive visualisation gives you insight on what truly drives your business, and gives a better understanding of those distilled drivers to inform strategic decisions

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Many still report performance by individual areas such as HR or finance, but real value lies in tracking connections across the whole business. Break down business silos by blending datasets to surface new improved insights that you might not otherwise discover.

Bring your data to life

See true KPIs at-a-glance to have your finger on the pulse of your business. Use this to set new benchmarks and convert your data into business value. Communicate the story simply to a wider audience.

In decision-makers’ hands

Empower your team with the tools to focus their actions, whether out with a client or onsite. It’s instantly “live” and adaptable to what you want mid-meeting, to make efficient at-the-scene decisions.

Why use AHfF?

AHeadForFigures is well-positioned to add value to small businesses in particular, since I charge only for my time (usually by the day – flexible), yet bring experience from applying these skills across sector verticals & across business functions. Other unique features:

  • Product neutral: Unlike many larger companies, I’m not affiliated to any one product – but I’ve used them all so I’m well-versed in making a bias-free recommendation on which best suits you, then creating it.
  • On-demand data skills: I offer you these skills (gained from working in large-scale companies) on-demand, if you don’t yet have in-house resource. Having worked across sectors I’ve likely already handled data from your sector, but still appreciate that every business is different.
  • You’ll be self-sufficient (if you want to be): this service is unique in including time for tutoring someone in your company on how to use the dashboard to adapt it for the future, as your business grows and changes shape. This is aimed at reducing future costs for you, but you can always come back to me if you do need more help.

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What’s on Offer?

Data is everywhere and more of our world is quantified or quantifiable than ever before. You probably realise you should be capitalising on your data with recent technological advances, but you may feel you lack the skills to do so – this is where I can help you. Your business will be set up with a live dashboard visualising your data, and together we will interpret initial insights proactively in the context of your industry.


Data Exploration: I’ll first take a look at your existing data to get ideas on the insights your data could surface. Then we’ll discuss your business drivers & select your software, before creating your bespoke visualisation dashboard in collaboration with you.

Technical Tutoring

Boost the data literacy of your internal team, so you are self-sufficient in taking your visualisations forward as your company grows and takes shape


If you’d like more tutorials or have new areas of the business to visualise, I’ll be happy to re-book you and we can skip the preliminary stages, since I’ll already know you & your business


I’ve used data visualisation to improve businesses in a variety of industries and functions, showing just how pervasive & integral it has become. Visualisation is most effective when used across all your business functions, and having worked across industries I can bring my experience of what has worked best to your sector:


More detailed case studies available here: Media VisualisationsUniversity Rankings, Laxfield Barometervisualisation typesNote: Unfortunately I can’t share all client work here due to confidentiality. 

Examples of (static) visualisations:



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Data has positioned our business well, thanks to your excellent work

Emma Co-Founder, Laxfield Capital

Just a quick note to say that I am starting a full time role at [Tier 1 bank] – thanks to your help! It turned out the bond pricing and Black Scholes pricing was all key so I greatly appreciate it.

[Numerical test & finance introduction client]

Lawrence Adult technical tutee