Media visualisations

In my most recent project role, I’ve been working on some visualisations to better describe a media platform’s audience characteristics, amongst other things. Here are some of my favourites (of those that used publicly-available data 😉 ).

Increasing digitalisation can be demonstrated by a shift in time spent per day with different forms of media, led by mobile. UK adults will spend around 5 hours a day consuming digital content in 2017, overtaking the time we spend with TV, radio & print for the first time: 

Picture1.pngSource: “Time spent with media” UK, eMarketer’s Cindy Liu

This digitalisation is driven by the young (of course) but also spans much of the broader population too:


Source: Ofcom Digital Day 2016

At the most basic level, an ad platform’s success is measured by how much of the population use the site (“reach”):


Source: comScore VideoMetrix, Multi-Platform, % of UK Digital Population, Oct 2016

More advanced measures are starting to become widespread too, for example how engaged viewers are, not just how many there are of them. For more info see here and here.

The site’s audience can also be broken down on a more granular level by gender and age, with a breadth of demographic showing use by a broad cross-section of the population:


Source: comScore VideoMetrix, Multi-Platform – Desktop & Mobile, UK, October 2016

But again, demographic targeting is now old hat in the digital world. Things have moved forwards to use your more granular interests (as derived from your searches – more info here), as well as progress in being able to better track success (“conversions”) not just at the point you buy a product but at earlier research stages too (more info here).

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