Beauty in the Incas

As you might remember from my last blog, I’m currently travelling and hadn’t intended to post much on here along the way – but there’s just so much in the way of colourful geometric patterns here that I couldn’t resist! I’m in Cusco, typically known as the gateway to Machu Picchu – but also home itself to a lot of Incan history and temples. And their civilisation (like me!) seems to have loved geometric designs EVERYWHERE…

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Beauty in coffee

Following on from my last blog Beauty in Travel, we’ve now been on our travels for a couple of months, and loving it 🙂 The first leg was in Panama, where we experienced (among other things) a masterclass in coffee farming and tasting at a plantation. We were struck by how much rigour and analysis goes into each single cup of coffee – so I thought I’d look into what sort of pretty data is out there…

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Patterns in cities

My previous post (a while ago now sorry – Christmas got in the way!) was about patterns in nature, but if you live in a city you can see patterns all around you too. Humans have taken inspiration from nature since the beginning of time: just as there’s geometry in nature with patterns in crystals, plants and skies, humans have also used geometric patterns to style their habitats throughout the ages…leading me to discuss the application of maths in another of my favourite topics: beauty in architecture & urban environments!

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