Issue 8 of the Barometer out now

The Laxfield UK CRE Debt Barometer had its 8th Issue published today. Selected visualisations from my work featured in the report below:

Issue 8aIssue 8bIssue 8cIssue 8d

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Life values: there’s something to be said for taking stock once in a while

A few of my friends have called me ‘brave’ for leaving what is deemed by society to be a good job. But the way I see it, it’s just that I factor in values that are different from conventional measures of success, into my career/life decisions. The risk, in my opinion, lies not in losing the prestige and lifestyle that comes with a particular job, but in not living life in such a way that I can look back on with pride as having been lived according to my values, not necessarily those of society.

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Patterns in cities

My previous post (a while ago now sorry – Christmas got in the way!) was about patterns in nature, but if you live in a city you can see patterns all around you too. Humans have taken inspiration from nature since the beginning of time: just as there’s geometry in nature with patterns in crystals, plants and skies, humans have also used geometric patterns to style their habitats throughout the ages…leading me to discuss the application of maths in another of my favourite topics: beauty in architecture & urban environments!

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